Friday, Feb 20th
Ruben & Enriqueta to perform at "aime comme moi"

For those of you who missed their great performance at Valentango, Ruben Harymbat and Enriqueta Kleinman will do a demo at the Friday Milonga at Berretín!
Ruben Harymbat is a milonguero from the golden era of tango. Ruben was born, and still lives with his wife Haydee in the Buenos Aires barrio of Pompeya. Ruben, known as "Ruben de Pompeya", is 69 years old. He began dancing when he was 14 years old. In those days before professional teaching developed, he learned from his brothers and male cousins and friends. They would practice together every year to participate in the annual carnival.
Performance about 11pm
at The "aime comme moi" Milonga
in Tango Berretín (SE Holgate and Foster)

Hope to see you there,