Friday May 6, Special Screening in Portland - 3 Tango Films by Mauricio Carvajal!

Tango Silent Films Presents:

Joe Leonardo and Tango Silent Films are proud to present a screening of 3 short films made by Mauricio Carvajal! Inspired by his involvement in Portland’s Argentine Tango scene over the past year, each of Mauricio’s stunning films is an intense meditation of the relationship of tango to one’s inner self and to the self given to others. Captivating and intelligent, these films will make you wonder at the mystery and beauty of the dance and music that we all share.

Special Screening of
3 Short Films about Tango
by Mauricio Carvajal
Friday, May 6th 2011
at Tango Berretín
During The “aime comme moi” Milonga

6305 SE Foster Rd. Portland, OR (MAP)

Film Screening at 11pm sharp
Drop-in Beginners Lesson 8pm
Dancing 9pm-1am

$7 for Dancing and Film
DJed and Hosted by Joe Leonardo


Screening Begins at 11pm sharp

“Poema No. 12” – A synthesis of the music “Poema” with the poetry of Oliverio Girondo, this film is an elegant and longing look at what is created when two people come together in the dance of Tango. (Runtime: 4min)

“Malevo Bordona” – A limitless exploration into the interior life of a tango dancer, “Malevo Bordona” wrestles with desire, hope, ego, confidence, insecurity, history, loss and every other fractured aspect of the soul—and finds a beautiful balance and harmony. (Runtime: 4min)

“Matungo” – This short experimental documentary features several dancers from the Portland Argentine Tango community explores the varied spectrum of our unique and personal experiences of tango and discovers they intersect to give us all a shared meaning of this dance and music. (Runtime: 3.5min)

About Mauricio Carvajal

Mauricio Carvajal has been part of the Portland Tango scene for a short time but has had an intimate connection to Argentine tango since early in his childhood. He currently holds the position of Creative Services Director for the local Univision affiliate; this will be the third of his independent film projects designed around Argentine tango music and the Argentine tango experience. Website:,

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