Casting Call for next Tango Silent Film by Joe Leonardo


Casting Call for next Tango Silent Film by Joe Leonardo

As many of you know, I completed my first short film in December and am hard at work doing pre-production for my next project. Many great people from the tango community have jumped on board with me to be part of the crew, and now we need people who would like to be the stars!

Like my first project, this will be a silent film with a tango soundtrack. The story will also be much more tango-related this time. There are four roles I need to fill. Here are the character descriptions:

Molly: A sweet, innocent and pure hearted woman excited to learn all about the Argentine Tango. Although somewhat timid and reserved, she is very pretty—in a plain-jane sort of way—as well as very smart and observant.

Sally: A bold and confident woman who knows that she is sexy and flaunts it. She loves attention and that’s probably why she likes Argentine Tango so much. She can be competitive, manipulative and rude, but also coquettish, seductive and very charming—sometimes all at once.

Jack: A very egotistical Argentine Tango teacher. Handsome and charming, confident to an extreme, he is also very self-centered to the point of being absent-minded about anything that isn’t about him.

Woman #3: Sultry, alluring and mysterious with a brief but memorable part in this film.

What we are looking for:

· Be a part of the Portland Argentine Tango community.

· Have time to do a quick audition/screen test.

· Be available for two full days of filming (most likely March 27th & 28th)

· Level of dancing ability is not important, but familiarity with the dance and dance culture is helpful.

· No previous acting experience necessary. We just need people who are enthusiastic for the project and open-minded to learning together as we go along.

If you are interested in auditioning for one of the roles, email me (Joe Leonardo) at and I’ll contact you as soon as possible about auditions times. If you can in the email, please include:

· Your full name

· Your email and phone number

· A simple photo of you (doesn’t have to be fancy)

· Your height

· The height of your tango heels.

We are trying to do this film on a zero budget, just for fun and love, so all work is volunteered.

Thank you so much for your interest and support! I’ll keep you all posted on the production’s progress as we go along.



PS –Even if you don’t think you’re right for one of the roles above but are still interested in acting, email me your info anyway and I’ll keep it on file for future films.

PSS -If you haven’t had a chance to see the first Tango Silent Film, “A Christmas Present for Hannah”, let me know and I’ll see if I can get you a copy.