Special DJ Workshop with Joe Leonardo
Wed 7-9pm, July 29th, 2009

"Knowing the Orchestras"
In this special 2-hour workshop, we will explore in depth the major Tango Orchestras that we dance to at the milongas and which are the core of every tango DJ's music collection. We will examine the musical and stylistic qualities of the different orchestras, and how they affect the dancer and the dance floor as a whole.

This class is for both DJs and dancers who want to develop a greater understanding of Argentine Tango music. The class will consist of listening to the music, exploring a tango DJ's library (via projected computer screen), discussion, and Q&A. A sample CD of the orchestras will also be available.

Time: Wednesday, July 29th, 7-9pm
Place: Tango Berretín, 6305 SE Foster Rd. Portland OR
Cost: $20/person ($15/students w/school ID)
*No experience or pre-registration required. You do not need to bring any equipment.*

-The energetic qualities of tango music
-The major Tango Orchestras (including important singers)
-Comparing and contrasting the orchestras
-Emotional, physical and intellectual affects of the music on dancers
-Q&A on anything you would like to know about tango DJing

Questions? Email Joe or go to hardroadtango.blogspot.com

“As a dancer, I have always been amazed at the mysterious alchemy that the Tango DJ can produce. In many ways the DJ creates the night, magically stringing together this beautiful music, making me want to dance and making me love the music. In this workshop, I look forward to sharing with you my practical experience as a working Tango DJ and what I’ve learned of this strange alchemy…”