Special DJ Workshop with Joe Leonardo
Wed 7-9pm, June 24, 2009

In this special 2-hour workshop, we will cover all of the essentials of DJing a milonga from using the equipment to understanding the great tango bands to construction of tandas and playlists. From there, we will explore the art of DJing in terms of how the music affects the dancers. In the class, expect a wealth of information, discussion, multimedia, and hands-on experience.

This class is perfect for both aspiring DJs looking to learn how to break into the trade and dancers who just want to develop more understanding of Argentine Tango music and appreciation of what makes a good DJ and a great night of dancing.

Time: Wednesday, June 24th, 7-9pm
Place: Tango Berretín, 6305 SE Foster Rd. Portland OR
Cost: $20/person ($15/students w/school ID)
*No experience or pre-registration required. You do not need to bring any equipment.*

-The equipment (PAs, Laptops, Media Players, Sound files)
-Organizing your music collection
-Understanding the different Tango Orquestas
-Creating Tandas and Setlists
-Managing the Milonga –creating great nights for everyone…

“As a dancer, I have always been amazed at the mysterious alchemy that the Tango DJ can produce. In many ways the DJ creates the night, magically stringing together this beautiful music, making me want to dance and making me love the music. In this workshop, I look forward to sharing with you my practical experience as a working Tango DJ and what I’ve learned of this strange alchemy…”